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Corporate Event in Metaverse.


Fantasy is a globally renowned digital agency that develops products for clients such as Netflix, Google, UFC, Spotify, Facebook and many more.


Create a virtual space for a Christmas corporate party. Since the employees are scattered all over the world, the producers decided to bring everyone together for the duration of the festive event using virtual reality. The space itself, at the same time, personifies the company, contains reminders of corporate values and artifacts, achievements, results for the whole year.


The Metaverse is the new trend. People have a unique opportunity to meet their friends in the virtual world and go to the movies, concerts, etc. Many companies have already created virtual spaces for company employees, where they can meet remotely, work on projects, and carry out assignments. With the help of the metaverse, big brands promote and sell their products. For example, Louis Vuitton has developed skins for League of Legends in collaboration with Riot Games. The Gucci&Tennis Clash collaboration helps players discover exclusive outfits designed by the Italian fashion brand and purchase Tennis Clash character clothing items on the Gucci website.


The project has been integrated into the AltSpaceVR platform, the leading mixed reality interactive collaboration platform that allows artists, creators, brands and businesses to easily create their own virtual events. We implemented 5 zones of space using 3D Max, added sound to some of the locations and integrated them into AltSpaceVR.

Virtual Space Description

Users appear in the spawn area at the bottom of the map. In front of them is a large stone in the shape of the company logo.
“Explore Fantasy World AND SEE HOW WE’VE LIVED OUT OUR VALUES THIS YEAR…” The whole concept is based on the values of the company: only 5 rooms and each has its own value.

This is the hall of the company, from where the user can get to any floor via a spiral staircase.

Room with individual works, projects and company awards for the year.

Fantasy space: flying crystals with the names of employees, jumping hares, a glowing elephant and a whale flying in the sky.

Warm, homely atmosphere, family photos of employees and their pets are placed on the walls.

The space dome where planets fly, and the names of employees are lined up in constellations. There is a real festive atmosphere here.

Created spaces


We've created a whole surreal world, embodied from events, projects, processes, which crowns the firmament of the names of employees, as the main value of the company. The corporate party of the client passed in the bright, colorful VR world.

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 Yode Group team:

Samohodkin Kirill — Creative Director

Andrey Ivashentsev — Innovation Director, Head of Integration

Chernookov Anton — Project Manager

Karachinets Dmitry — Art Director, 3D Artist

Karchkov Vladimir — 2D Designer, 3D Artist

Eredzhepova Diana — 3D Artist

Sadriev Vlad — UX/UI Designer, mobile interfaces

Dmitry Smiryagin — Developer

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