Trade Show

At trade shows, the competition can be fierce. Exhibitors are shoulder-to shoulder with other big names in their industry, trying to catch the attention of a shared audience.

Augmented & Virtual Reality is an interactive experience combining real and virtual worlds. A device, such as your phone or wearable glasses “augments” what is already a real world image, with an extra layer of digital animation. Through AR, you can create an experience that appeals and connects to a visitor on an emotional and physical level. Of course beyond that aim, there are also other benefits of using this immersive tech, such as for sales, implementing creative ways to showcase products & services and enhancing user engagement & understanding.

Showcasing products at a trade show can be difficult for some industries. At car shows for instance, companies require hundreds of square feet to display all their vehicles at an event. Lugging all your cars to an exhibit and paying for a large venue space might just be too impractical.

Favorite projects

Tesla VR Showroom

Interactive 3D Tour Schneider Electric.

BWT AR Retail


VIST Group Digital Twin

Jim Beam VR Experience

Corporate Event in Metaverse.

Professional skills

Creative concepts

Individual AR/VR projects tailored to the customer needs featuring elaborated scenarios, simple solutions and unique mechanics

3D Modelling

Manual high-quality modelling process grooming geometric data for 3D computer graphics

Mobile App Dev

Easy-to-navigate apps, interactive branded mobile games in augmented reality delivering a prompt solution to customer needs

Q/A Testing

Failure-proof projects tested and improved to perfection in design, experience and functionality

Research and articles

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