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Corporate Development in Metaverses


Discover Possibilities of Metaverse

Secure remote communication and teamwork in one place

A virtual world that suits any company's needs

Full immersion in virtual space from anywhere in the world

New Hype technology that provide positive brand impact

How to create a metaverse?

The metaverse refers to highly interactive virtual worlds. In these metaverse worlds, people can spend time, create virtual assets, collaborate on projects, and attend virtual events.
When developing virtual worlds, it is necessary to use modern 3D modeling technologies and applied tools to create spaces in various metaverses. In November 2021, Nike announced the creation of the Nikeland virtual world on the Roblox platform using development tools in Roblox Studio. In the future, the sports giant has plans to integrate global sports events into the metaverse.


Leading companies create virtual spaces for employees to work, providing them with a
deeper level of interaction.

Metaverse can facilitate learning with lower transaction costs and risks

Unlimited capacity of people without searching for a physical venue for the event

Ability for employees to work remotely on a project in a single workspace

Metaverse Platform Comparison

  • 1 Platform
    • VRChat
      • Limitless space
      • Access on all devices
      • No crypto wallet
      • No currency
  • 2 Platform
    • Decentraland
      • Limited space
      • Crypto wallet available
      • Access on PC only
      • MANA Currency
  • 3 Platform
    • Roblox
      • Limitless space
      • Without crypto wallet
      • Access on all devices
      • Robux currency
  • 4 Platform
    • AltSpaceVR
      • Limitless space
      • Without crypto wallet
      • Access on all devices
      • No currency
  • 5 Platform
    • Sandbox
      • Limited space
      • Crypto wallet available
      • Access on PC only
      • SAND Currency
  • 6 Platform
    • Horizon Worlds
      • Limitless space
      • Without crypto wallet
      • Access on Oculus only
      • No currency

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Our projects

Х-mas Digital Party

Virtual space for the American company Fantasy. Our team created a virtual venue for the Х-mas corporate party, where employees could communicate, look through completed projects for the year, visit the fantasy world and the gallery with pictures of their pets. In the space room, were placed the names of employees and partners in the form of constellations and launched fireworks together.

Smart Home

Virtual home for the Friday TV channel released on the VRchat platform. The host of the Smart Home program, using VR glasses, conducts a tour and talks about the possibilities of the metaverses for viewers.

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