Retail & Loyalty

While there are many ways AR will transform retail in the upcoming years, we’ve honed in on five in particular. Unlock tips, systems & recommended resources to stay ahead of the tech curve. Take a look at how AR is transforming retail, and then consider how you can incorporate AR into your own retail strategy.

We combine classic mechanics of loyalty programs and new digital tools for gamification and customer retention in one SaaS mobile solution.

Favorite projects

Mobile loyalty program «Clippers».

Mobile loyalty program Grow with «Lenta». AR Onboard

Soyuzmultfilm Mobile App.

LEGO AR Loyalty Program

BWT AR Retail

Professional skills

Creative concepts

Individual AR/VR projects tailored to the customer needs featuring elaborated scenarios, simple solutions and unique mechanics

3D Modelling

Manual high-quality modelling process grooming geometric data for 3D computer graphics

Mobile App Dev

Easy-to-navigate apps, interactive branded mobile games in augmented reality delivering a prompt solution to customer needs

Q/A Testing

Failure-proof projects tested and improved to perfection in design, experience and functionality

Research and articles

Waiting for your brief