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D.S.&Durga VR & ASMR Presentation.


D.S. & DURGA was founded by an architect and a musician. As pioneers in DIY Brooklyn, we started from scratch and did it our way (more Sid than Sinatra) and creates authentic studies of real world objects, plants, and places. We weave them into narratives that transport you to far off places, material and imaginary.
All that they love in music, art, nature, and design told aromatically. Our scents are fragments of half-remembered myths and imaginary landscapes that invite exploration. They are an invisible soundtrack that you can carry on your body throughout the day.


To develop and implement support for the “Perfume is armchair travel” concept for the presentation of the popular American niche brand D.S. & Durga, created by musician D.S (David Seth Moltz) and his wife.


The use of modern technology of mobile virtual reality on the presentation site, the integration of physical and digital objects, real D.S. & Durga scents and digital virtual scenes. One of the key features of our concept is the integration of the world-known ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) trend. It`s a relaxing, often sedative sensation that begins on the scalp and moves down the body. Also known as «brain massage,» it is usually triggered by placid sights and sounds such as whispers or crackles, however in this project our team implemented smells because each fragrance was individually created for each of the three scenes, so the spectator could fully immerse and get as close to real sense of presence as possible.

The development of full-size 3D scenes based on the client’s brand book and references, creating animations, writing and mixing soundtracks, rendering scenes for Vive Focus virtual reality glasses.

As a result, we have developed a solution that meets the basic requirements of the customer:

  • Innovative and technological solutions
  • Technological + Innovative + Entertaining format
  • Interaction and deep connection with physical objects (armchair, fragrances, music)
  • Close connection with the values ​​and concept of the brand ‘Perfume is armchair travel.


«Cowboy grass» fragrance ASMR concept

Cowboy Grass is a fragrance for men by D.S. & Durga «. This perfume composition belongs to the woody and fougere classes. According to the official press release, the most recognizable shades of this creation are sage, vetiver, thyme and clary sage. The fragrance will be the perfect choice at any time of the year for young people, people of middle and elegant age both in the morning and in the afternoon.

The plot in virtual reality is one of the brightest scenes of the Wild West. The spectator is sitting on a harnessed cart in anticipation of a bank robbery. Around the spectator there are the wild prairies, horses, the wanted notices offering rewards for the robbers are flying in the wind, the cartwheel is lying around, the untied horse is wandering by itself and the knocking sound of the opened bank doors…. The waiting for the event is accompanied by the bright scent of «Cowboy Grass»

Virtual Reality Concept

«Rose Atlantic» fragrance ASMR concept

«Rose Atlantic» is a fragrance for women and men. The perfumery composition belongs to the classes of floral, aquatic and oceanic. The most recognizable shades of this creation of the perfumer are: in the top notes — lemon, bergamot and rose petals; in the «heart» notes — salt, linden blossom, grass and rose; base notes — oak moss, musk and sea water.

The virtual reality plot — a beautiful yacht in the bay overlooking the White Lighthouse. The viewer is on board. In his hands there is Spritz (a drink made of white wine and soda ), Frank Sinatra’s “Summer wind” is playing, reeds in the dunes, rose hips and a white lighthouse. The scent invites you on board to relax and to enjoy the season. Around there are rare waves, seagulls, periodic light of a lighthouse hits the eyes and the scent of Rose Atlantic is completing the picture.

Virtual Reality Concept

«Missisipi Medicine» fragrance ASMR concept

«Mississippi Medicine» is a fragrance for men by “D.S. & Durga”. This perfume composition belongs to the oriental and woody classes. The most recognizable shades of this perfumers` creation are incense, birch, cypress and violet. The fragrance would be a perfect choice for cold and cool seasons or for the off-season for young people, people of middle and elegant age in the afternoon, evening or late evening

The virtual reality plot – Mississippi River, an ancient cult of death. A crawling snake appears in front of the viewer’s eyes, there is no one else around.

Virtual Reality Concept


The closed presentation of D.S. & Durga, which took place on November 16, 2019 in the Tsvetnoy shopping center, was crowded, noisy, loud and sparkling: visitors were literally drawn into the world of D.S. & Durga’s crazy and insane perfumes. The twilight, the bright flashes of light, the loud music, the bright cocktails and popcorn with lavender and rosemary, the beer brownies — almost all senses were under the attack : sight, hearing, taste … And of course, the sense of smell as the guests were experiencing each fragrance live.

At the presentation, we organized a complete immersion in the world of D.S. & Durga using virtual reality glasses that conveyed music and virtual scenes associated with scents that were transmitted to the audience according to each scene.


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