Trolls AR Karaoke Loyalty Program


«Pyaterochka» is a Russian convenience store chain operated by X5 Retail Group. In December 2019, the 15,000th supermarket of the chain was opened. As of December 31, 2019, the Pyaterochka retail chain has 15, 354 stores. In 2019, the second renovation program was launched and as the result  the “fresh” category was almost doubled and it occupied about half of the sales area; a large variety of ready-prepared (food-to-go and ready-to-eat) products is presented, in the center of the sales floor there is the store`s personal  bakery and baking department, there`s also a separate, fully-equipped  area with a coffee machine and  freshly squeezed orange juice where you can also charge your gadgets. In 2019, Pyaterochka received the Best for Life Design Award in the Retail Architecture and Environment Design  field in the Convenience Store category, as well as the  2019 Innovation Time  award  in the Best Innovation  Implementation Project  in the Trading networks category


The development of a combined loyalty program mechanics with a unique interactive solution to complement the gamified collectible model for the federal marketing campaign “The  Trollemendous Tour”, well timed to the release of the “Trolls World Tour » animated film


A mobile application “Trolls. Karaoke» was created in support for the federal campaign jointly with the Pyaterochka network. According to the terms of the promo, from March 17 to May 4, 2020 for every 555 rubles in the check, Pyaterochka’s customers received a card with a 3D effect depicting the heroes of the film. The complete collection of offline content consisted of 24 Troll gift cards. There was also created a special album to store the gift cards alongside with a themed board game.

The amount of online content available to the user depended on the amount of collected cards. «Trolls. Karaoke » application contains the elements of augmented reality that allow the user to scan the down side  of the card and get access to karaoke tunes of famous European and Russian hits. In the application, you can sing karaoke, record videos of your performances, apply different Troll AR-masks, save these videos, share them on social networks, challenge your friends to karaoke battles and receive prizes for winning the

Promo- site “The Trolls World Tour”

In order to promote the advertising company a promo-site was launched. There  users had access to voting for the best karaoke video and karaoke battle, also a large-scale advertising campaign was launched  including an advertising video and native promotional loyalty campaign among popular children’s bloggers.

The main sections of the promo site were:

  • Collector’s album with a detailed description of collectible cards and the ability to add a card to the digital collection
  • Karaoke videos of all participants of the competition with the ability to vote via social network accounts
  • Karaoke battles of the participants of the competition with the possibility to vote via social network accounts

Mechanics of a karaoke battle:

  • Battle — the ability to challenge a friend to a karaoke duel
  • Players record video of the same song and upload it to the portal
  • Site visitors vote within 24 hours and choose a winner

Mobile AR-application «Trolls.Karaoke»

The game mechanics of the Trolls.Karaoke mobile application include recognition of cards, AR-masks, AR-karaoke and integration with the server, where users’ videos are uploaded and moderated, integration with a promo-site where voting for karaoke videos and karaoke battles takes place.

The main functions of the mobile application:

  • Recognition and special AR effects when scanning collectible cards with a mobile phone
  • 16 AR masks with the ability to try on a mask and share selfies on social networks
  • 24 famous songs with AR-karaoke recording and video sending to the promo-site with voting
  • Creation of a karaoke battle and the ability to invite friends from social networks to participate in the battle with each other
  • Avatar generator when registering in the mobile application
  • Advanced scenarios for sharing on social media platforms.

Mobile interfaces


Mobile App Concept

The basic concept of the mobile application «Trolls.Karaoke» includes recognition of cards, AR-masks, AR-karaoke and integration with the site where Karaoke is uploaded, voting and karaoke battles


Scanning cards

All cards are scanned by a smartphone camera and recognized in the application


Collect Mechanics

Each card after scanning is added to the virtual directory of the application. Once added, the card will unlock the troll AR mask in the mask collection



AR-Masks are unlocked by scanning Trading Cards
You can take selfies alone or with friends
You can post selfies on social networks or send to friends
You can upload selfies to the site to get into the rating


AR Karaoke

Creation of a karaoke battle and the ability to invite friends from social networks to participate in the battle with each other

TV Advertising


In the first few weeks after its release, the application immediately rose to the top and was ranked first in popularity and downloads on Google Play among free applications (according to AppBrain) and second in downloads in the «Free» category by owners of all operating systems (according to AppFollow)