Soyuzmultfilm Mobile App.

The client

Magnit is a food retailer with more than 20 000 stores open for each Russian family’s everyday shopping needs. Our client is one of the most prominent retail chains for food commerce and a leader in both the number of stores and the geographical range of their placement.

The company is represented in nearly 3 900 localities, and about 14 million people visit the company’s stores on a daily basis. The company works within a multiformat model, which comprises “around the corner” stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and drogerie stores. 59 million people are subscribed to the store chain’s cross-format loyalty program. Magnit is among the ranks of the world’s largest public companies in Forbes’ Global 2000 and resides at the top of the List of Russia’s Largest Employers by Forbes.

The objective

The object of development is a mobile app with augmented reality (AR) elements. This app allows users to see animated 3D scenes in AR by pointing the camera at specific illustrations of Soyuzmultfilm characters. The app accompanies Arina Chunaeva’s interactive book called “Into a New Year with New Fairytales”, which is available within the duration of the promotional campaign held in Magnit store chain.

The idea

The idea is to use the gamification of the promotional campaign in order to attract as many participants as possible. By participating in the game each client had a chance to win a valuable prize.

The solution

To support the federal promotional campaign we created the “Into a New Year with New Fairytales” mobile app in collaboration with Magnit store chain. According to the terms of the promotional campaign, in the period from  November 1, 2021 to February 1, 2022 the user could get access to augmented reality, audio fairytales and mini-games by scanning illustrations from Arina Chunaeva’s book with the use of our app. The amount of content available to users depended on the number of cleared tasks. The mission of the app was to fill the paper book with magic and to show the beloved characters come to life with the help of augmented reality (AR) technologies. This way, adults could show their kids the beloved characters of their childhood in a new, modern light. The app gave the opportunity to read and play simultaneously, going beyond the usual framework of a paperback.

The main functions

  • Picture recognition and special AR effects activated by scanning illustrations from the eponymous book with a mobile phone.
  • 16 AR characters with ability to interact with the book, real toys and that can be shared on social media.
  • The app supplements the book with audio fairy tales that every child has an ability to listen without assistance. For the sake of convenience, all the audiobooks are provided with the text which can be read in parallel with the audio.

The concept of the app

The app implements an online toy collection. It consists of 16 paired book characters (Kesha the Parrot and The Cat, The Little Lion and The Tortoise, Winnie-the-Pooh and Piglet, etc.). The app offers to collect all of these characters. Each pair includes the main stuffed toy and the smaller one that goes with it. The user can also examine the toys in augmented reality before buying or take a photo together with them.

Augmented reality is used to diversify user experience. This time, Winnie-the-Pooh is flying a balloon while dodging obstacles at the same time. His goal is to collect as many honeypots as possible. The game’s difficulty grows in direct proportion to the length of the flight: the further the player gets, the higher is the speed of the flight and the amount of obstacles, which also get harder to dodge.

The results





Members of the “UNGA” creative team

Yuri Kotlomin — head of “UNGA”
Daria Gorelchenkova — project manager in the countries of CEE and CIS
Lana Kirillova — project manager

Yode Group development team

Kirill Samohodkin — creative director
Andrey Ivashentsev — innovation officer, integration director
Dmitry Karachinets — art director, 3D modeller
Anton Chernookov — project manager
Victoria Tereschenko — UI/UX designer, mobile interfaces
Akim Zaycev — mobile app developer
Roman Sidelnikov — mobile app developer
Dmitry Smiryagin — mobile app developer
Diana Eredgepova — 3D modeller
Vladimir Karchkov — 2D designer, 3D modeller