«MTS Garage» Accelerator App


MTS Garage is a program for MTS employees who want to develop and launch their own digital products, integrate them into the company and start selling. The program assists in the study, verification and development of a scalable product idea, it also provides assistance in finding developers for the team, gives opportunity to officially release working time for the development of the project and helps with attraction of internal financial resources for the project.


To develop a mobile application with augmented reality (AR) elements, as well as the development of  a design layout for a banner that will act as a trigger for animation of a press wall banner in augmented reality at the events of the MTS Garage project to integrate and involve company employees in the acceleration program

Mobile App Interfaces


Use of modern technology for scanning an interactive banner at the accelerator site in augmented reality, integrating physical and digital objects, the ability to share content with colleagues and friends on social networks.

  • Augmented Reality Training Solutions
  • Technological + Innovative + Educational format
  • Integration with Accelerator Platform
  • Seamless connection with main communication message


Creative Concept

The first time you log into the app, the tutorial screens will automatically launch
There the user is told about the main functions of the application.
If the user does not have a banner label at hand, it can be downloaded from the application itself.
— Dialog box offering to choose a press wall
— Block with basic information about the MTS Garage project


AR Onboarding

The camera mode is turned on and the user is prompted to hover the gadget over the banner image that contains a label for launching the AR element.
If all conditions are met correctly: the garage door from the banner opens. There you can see the interior of the room with all the equipment, computers, animated robots, and drones.
Basic functionality:
— Dialog box with hints and clues on functionality
— Screen with camera viewfinder to scan the mark (press wall)
— Interactive AR scene on top of the press wall



The user has the opportunity to take a photo of what is happening on the screen, as well as to record a video and share it. All these functions are implemented by interface elements inside the application. Permissions: The app requires permission to access the camera and access the user’s media library.
Basic functionality:
— Screen with animation and hint for taking photos
— Screen for viewing the finished frame with the ability to send it to social networks