Mobile loyalty program «Clippers».

The client

Magnit represents more than 20 000 shops for daily purchases of every Russian family. The client is one of the leading retailer chains by food selling in Russia as well as the leader by the number of shops and their geographical distribution.

The company is presented in around 3900 localities, daily up to 14 millions of people visit the shops of the company. Magnit works according to a multiform model, which includes «around the corner» stores, supermarkets, chemists and drogerie shops. Around 59 million people are members of a multi-format loyalty program of the chain. Magnit is among the ranks of the world’s largest public companies in Forbes’ Global 2000 and resides at the top of the List of Russia’s Largest Employers by Forbes.

The objective

  • To raise the attendance and return level of the users in Magnit application (MAU/DAU/Retention).
  • To raise the number of registered users in the application.
  • To encourage children and adults to collect the bodily toy set. Therefore to increase the average check and attendance in the retailer’s shops.
  • To create an additional news peg, for creating a discussion about the campaign in social media.

The idea

At the beginning of the academic year, when children returned from the holidays, a decision was made  to create a mobile gaming activity, inspired by a collection of tiny toys «Clippers». We embodied a parallel collection of online «Clippers», which can be collected by completing levels of a mini-game. When finishing the whole game during the period of the campaign, the users got an award: a discount for a special collector’s album with all «Clippers» figurines. You could get into the game from the mobile application Magnit during the period of the campaign. Thus awards were available only for registered users.

The solution

In support of the federal campaign in collaboration with the Magnit chain there was developed a mobile application «Clippers». In the mobile application we placed an interactive unit, containing deep link (external connected link) with a user ID and a loyalty card number, which directed to a promo-landing page with a mini-game, which increased the visits of the MAU mobile application.

Mobile AR-application «Clippers»

Gaming mechanics of the mobile application «Clippers» are developed based on a classic Core-gameplay — «Memo», where a user should turn coupled cards with images of the «Clippers» characters, trying to remember their location.

The main functions of the mobile applications:

The game consists of 12 levels, the difficulty of each one grows

  • Primarily there are only 3 first levels available.
  • After completing any level a user opens one new Online-Clipper out of 12.
  • Each new three levels open weekly, so by the end of the month all levels are available for playing. After passing all 3 levels within a week a player goes to next stage of the mini-game.
  • After finishing all levels a participant receives an opportunity to open a coupon for a discount (works starting from the 5th week).

Gradual appearance of levels encourages a player to visit the mobile application regularly. «Clippers» given as an award for a level are randomly presented. Their cards will appear inside the «Memo» game only after a player gets them. A registered player is supposed to to receive an award in the form of a promo code for a purchase of a special collector’s album «Clippers» for completing all 12 levels and consequently for gathering all the collection.














Yode Group development team

Samohodkin Kirill — creative director

Ivashentsev Andrey — Head of Innovation

Buchnev Aleksey — technical director

Karachinets Dmitriy — art-director, 3D-modeller

Chernookov Anton — project manager

Fedoryan Tatyana — UX/UV designer, mobile interfaces

Zaitsev Akim — mobile application developer

Sidelnikov Roman — mobile application developer

Krasilova Natalya — 3D-modeller, animator

Polyakovich Mikhail — 3D-modeller, animator

Karchkov Vladimir — 2D-designer, 3D-modeller

Prihodko Mikhail — sound-designer