LEGO AR Loyalty Program


«Pyaterochka» is a Russian convenience store chain operated by X5 Retail Group. In December 2019, the 15,000th supermarket of the chain was opened. As of December 31, 2019, the Pyaterochka retail chain has 15, 354 stores. In 2019, the second renovation program was launched and as the result  the “fresh” category was almost doubled and it occupied about half of the sales area; a large variety of ready-prepared (food-to-go and ready-to-eat) products is presented, in the center of the sales floor there is the store`s personal  bakery and baking department, there`s also a separate, fully-equipped  area with a coffee machine and  freshly squeezed orange juice where you can also charge your gadgets. In 2019, Pyaterochka received the Best for Life Design Award in the Retail Architecture and Environment Design  field in the Convenience Store category, as well as the  2019 Innovation Time  award  in the Best Innovation  Implementation Project  in the Trading networks category


To develop a seamless digital activation for the federal marketing campaign «Meet the Imagination» of the Pyaterochka retail chain and the LEGO Russia company with the integration of the main mechanics of loyalty and partner missions into a mobile game application with features of face recognition, augmented reality and social sharing


An integrated loyalty program based on the stimulation of the customer`s purchases with a loyalty card and receiving electronic stickers. One sticker is automatically credited to the loyalty card for every 200 rubles in a check. The balance is reflected in the personal account on the website or in the mobile application. For three months, store customers can save up stickers for the LEGO set they like or buy all of them. In addition, stickers can be gifted to your friends or relatives — you can do this using the mobile application of the Pyaterochka trade network.

For this promo action a promo site and an augmented reality mobile application were developed. There, the user was able to pass special missions and get a higher game level for that. For reaching certain levels, the user received prizes, as well as new game elements.

“Pyaterochka LEGO” mobile application became the main digital activation of the loyalty program and was integrated with the retailer’s CRM system. When making purchases, points were automatically credited in the application and the user could upgrade and develop his character and complete missions as well as upgrading and developing the LEGO world in augmented reality.


Also, in support of the action, a promo-site of the action was developed, where a competition for the best photo with LEGO sets in social media was held, an advertising video, and a large-scale advertising campaign was launched, including the native promotion of a loyalty program among popular children’s bloggers.

The main sections of the promo site were:

  • LEGO collectible sets with detailed descriptions of each unique set and the conditions for purchasing it during the loyalty program
  • Animated block with detailed status of functions and mechanics of the mobile application
  • Interactive photo contest with the ability to vote via social media accounts

Indoor augmented reality mechanics

Mobile AR Application 

The augmented reality mobile application stimulated users to complete special missions every day in order to increase their gaming level. For reaching certain levels, the user received prizes, as well as new game elements to create their own «LEGO» world inside the application.

The main functions of the mobile application:

  • Avatar generator and 3D character customizer after the registration in the mobile application
  • LEGO world creating mechanics
  • Daily missions to develop and upgrade the LEGO world
  • Virtual store
  • Stylized mini-games
  • Advanced social sharing scenarios with competitive mechanics integrated with the promo site

Mobile interfaces


Registration and onboarding

— Application loading screen, followed by onboarding and warning about requesting access to the camera
— At the first start, the user is offered to go to the creation of a new character or enter an existing profile.
— When entering an existing profile, a character name and password are requested, with the ability to restore forgotten data.


3D character customizer

— To create a unique character, the user is invited to take a selfie and generate a LEGO avatar based on it
— The user can change the appearance of the hairstyle, face, colors of the torso and legs.
— Additional option with a choice of hair color from the pre-configured LEGO guides.


LEGO World Creation Mechanics

— The main stage at the initial levels is the Pyaterochka house and shop.
— According to the level of completed missions, new elements of the game world are opened.
— The user can approach the house and remove the roof to view the interior of the house
— Ability to take a photo of your house to share with friends or save to the gallery


Daily missions to develop the world

— Description of the mission is revealed by tapping on it. The «GO to quest» button leads the user to the mission
— Bottom of the screen with completed and hidden missions folded tab.
— The integrated list of the best players all ranked by the number of points in the application.
— On the Friends tab, you can add friends` nicknames to track their progress.


Virtual store

— Virtual store with the ability to complete regular shopping missions.
— Also, the store has implemented partner integrations that allow you to expand the game world with new items and gain new points.
— Quests are implemented through interaction with store shelves, marked with a «mission cube»


Stylized mini-games

— Mini-game «Postal plane»: the plane avoids obstacles — clouds. By “picking up” objects, the plane appears in a protective field and quickly bypasses obstacles without losing lives.
— Mini-game “Puzzles”: puzzles with images from the sets participating in the promo: 2 images for each set. The complexity of the level is increasing with each game session: limited time decreases.
— Mini-game «Three in a row»: in this game you need to collect combinations of identical elements in a limited time.


The Meet the Imagination program lasted for 3 months.

In support of the action, a large-scale advertising campaign was launched, including outdoor advertising, AR in stores, TV, radio, digital and social networks.

Our themed promos with game mechanics always meet a great response from our customers. We invite all parents and children to open the door to the world of imagination with LEGO sets! We hope our new promo will be an exciting adventure for every family

Oksana Trofimova, the director of the marketing communications department of the Pyaterochka retail chain

For purchases with a loyalty card and purchases of sponsored goods, users purchased unique LEGO sets at a discount and activated elements of the LEGO world (buildings / furniture items / mini-games) in the Pyaterochka.LEGO mobile application