BWT AR Retail

The Client

BWT offers a wealth of innovative products and technologies for a wide range of applications, all meeting the water quality needs of private households, industrial sites, public facilities, swimming pools, the Hotels & Hospitality sector and hospitals. You’ll find BWT wherever you come into contact with water, whether it’s clean, soft-to-the-touch water at home, water to enhance the taste of food in restaurants, or presented in the form of hydrogen as a future energy source.

The Challenge

Create a convenient interactive tool to showcase virtual shelves with BWT-Barrier products at the exhibition and in the store for business partners, show changes in business indicators when SKUs are replaced on the shelves

The Product

Mobile AR app that allows placing shelves of different formats (Supermarket, Hypermarket, DIY, Electronics and others) in AR, see problem areas in each of the shelf formats, change SKUs at the problem location in real time and track changes in financial indicators

The Impact

BWT AR Retail mobile app was presented at the HouseHold Expo for all business partners of the company. BWT has proven to be a pioneer in many technology sectors and has shown the company a new look at marketing and merchandising in traditional retail.