Use case adoption and customer business goals have shown that industrial enterprises are starting Augmented Reality projects internally, often piloting one or two use cases within their operations or service functions to prove value before expanding AR initiatives. Companies universally recognize the importance and benefits of adopting ARfor their internal use. In today’s business climate of razor-thin operating margins and mounting economic pressures, the race for efficiency is starting to receive a nitrous boost from AR

Three other things everyone says about Enterprise AR are (1) foster bottom-up innovation; your workers know what is inefficient better than you do, (2) start small, and simple. Don’t blow everything up and, (3) be methodical when implementing. Proof-of-concept, pilot, then implement. Fostering bottom-up innovation takes time and education, one highly measurable step at a time.

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ZYFRA Digital Twin

VIST Group Digital Twin

Professional skills

Creative concepts

Individual AR/VR projects tailored to the customer needs featuring elaborated scenarios, simple solutions and unique mechanics

3D Modelling

Manual high-quality modelling process grooming geometric data for 3D computer graphics

Mobile App Dev

Easy-to-navigate apps, interactive branded mobile games in augmented reality delivering a prompt solution to customer needs

Q/A Testing

Failure-proof projects tested and improved to perfection in design, experience and functionality

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