The making of «Look, Dinosaurs!»

The goal was to establish an interactive loyalty program in the retail industry for the family audience of the supermarket chain DIXY. We decided to create a set of stickers with AR / VR code, which can be scanned with a mobile application, so that a customer can completely immerse himself in the prehistoric world of dinosaurs in augmented and virtual reality.

Promo-action «Look-dinosaurs» lasted for 2 months. It was attended by more than 200 products from more than 40 suppliers. During the project, visitors received more than 500,000 cardboards, excited customers were totally immersed in the experience.

1. 3D-Modelling

As a reference, we make use of stickers designed for the loyalty program, which as well were used as tags for recognition dinosaurs in augmented reality. We did a research on the size, weight, features and habitat of dinosaurs.

Based on the information we got, a low-polygonal Apatosaur disc was created for the subsequent sculpting in ZBrush.

In accordance with references, we sculpted mass, muscles, skin folds and small details of the dinosaur.

Then we put the designed sculpture in 3dmax. Next step was the process of retopology.

After retopology, we were able to make an UV scan of the created low-poly model. So to do it, we used tools of 3ds max, as well. More specifically, we use the modifier Unwrap uvw

Next, we baked the normal (Normal_map) and exported the model in FBX format to the Substance Painter. There, based on the reference, we drew the textures of our dinosaur. In the Substance painter, we draw directly on the 3d model and were able to see how the material in the Unity engine would look

Then we exported the preset «Unity 5 (Standart metallic)». We got 3 textures: albedo, metallic, normal.

Next, we customized the skin, rig and animation of the dinosaur in 3ds max. As a skeleton, we decided to use the built-in CAT system (Character Animation Toolkit). It greatly speeds up the process of creating and customizing the skeleton and animation. Because there are a lot of dinosaurs, it was decided to configure one animation controller in Unity, and for the rest to create an override animation controller. Therefore, for each dinosaur we had to create the same number of animations. Five animations were created: idle, action, walk, eat, step. As the reference for animation we used the BBC video of walks with dinosaurs.

The final 3D model of a dinosaur with a customized animation looks something like this